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Businesses globally have been outsourcing security services tremendously due to the increase in the volume of cyberattacks and the advanced methodologies used by cybercriminals to access the assets of a company. This trend has caught up in the recent decade, creating demand for Managed Security Systems Providers (MSSP). Large enterprises, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are opting to outsource security services to MSSPs. Managed Security Services (MSS) are IT security services that are outsourced to a service provider. MSS is a systematic approach to provide security for any organization’s IT infrastructure through various services customized as per organizational requirements.

How MSSP partner service benefits you
• Focus on your Business: Businesses are facing the burden of implementing an effective security system due to the increase in cyber threats. This responsibility is wholly taken over by MSSPs giving you leverage to focus only on your business without worrying about security.
• Cyber Security: Cyber security is round-the-clock work that businesses find challenging to set up security systems that work all the time. MSSPs provide you with 24/7 services and 360⁰ protection for your organization.
• Builds Credibility: Outsourcing security services to MSSP shows that your business is secured by experts which build the credibility of your company.

How AXIS Systems can help you AXIS Systems as an MSSP understands the client’s crucial need for MSS and offers a wide range of security services that use cutting-edge technologies. Our services help you manage security systems effectively and protect your assets 24/7 from rapidly ever-changing security threats.

AXIS Systems, as a trusted partner, is experienced in providing personalized, simplified, and cost-saving security services to clients. Our security operations use proven methodologies and process which is delivered to you based on your specific requirements. Below is the list of services provided for 360⁰ protection for your information assets.

 Perimeter Network Monitoring and Management
 Security Information and Event Management
 Identity Management Services
 VPN Management
 Managed Data Loss Prevention
 Intrusion Prevention & Content filtering
 Security Governance for ISO 27001, GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, etc.
 Patch and Anti-virus Management
 Security Configuration Management & Hardening of IT Assets
 Information Security Incident Remediation Services
 IT Security Dashboards

Our strategic approaches to secure your IT infrastructure are:
Assess: Analyze and document the security needs based on your business operation.
Design: Draft policies and design strategies and frameworks as per the documented requirements.
Build: Procure and deploy the latest tools, software, and equipment.
Comply: Ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements.
Operate: Provide 24/7 operations and support both onsite and off-site, whichever suits your business.